Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Unbound Sound Show, Ep 220 - 02/25/15

King Missile - Listen to Me
Sebadoh - Gimmie Indie Rock

Pt. 1
Barb Rocks/Ugly Whale Fest

Stormy Strong - Holiday
Pounders - Scream & Let It Go
Fritz Montana - My Body Does it All

The Go Ahead - Checked Out
Beautiful Machines - Tragic
The Frail - Automatic

Eyes on the Shore - Three Alarm Fire
Eyes on the Shore - Kids on the Run

The Trims - Now You're Gone
The Trims - Around the Sun

The Frail - Run Life
Beautiful Machines - Electric Sunshine
The Go Ahead - Just Fine

Fritz Montana - Let You Down
Pounders - Chasing the Sun
Stormy Strong - Lye

Fritz Montana - Scaredy Cat

Mr. Phil

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